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File copying

Digital production and copying of files. And also; printing, data entry and storage, digitalization of paper file databases, photocopy machine maintenance, typography services.

File CopyingThe standard version is called CopyArea, for anlog and digital file production, to this module you can add, in any moment, many other services, such as: laser printing, digitalization of paper file databases, clients’ photocopy machine maintenance, mail-room and off site mail service, typography services, data entry and storage.

Our CopyArea service takes care of all your company’s printing activities, it handles and copies all your files, taking care of everything from the organizational part to the actual execution of the work

Our analysis is based on a ready to use solution. It involves the following phases: 

Consultancy - we analyze your file management system.
Project (design) - we develop the best possible solution for our client’s requirements.
Implementation - we install, train and integrate all the company’s existing technologies.
Support - we do all the technical and logistic maintenance of the system

What we print >>

1.1 Normal black/white photocopy - enlargements-reduced size

  • Copies – On paper, contact paper, transparencies, light weight cardboard, and any other kind of media
  • A3/A4 photocopies front/rear
  • A2/A1/A0/Out-of-standard sizes

1.2 Color photocopies – enlargements-reduced size

  • Copies – On paper, contact paper, transparencies, light weight cardboard, and any other kind of media
  • A3/A4 photocopies front/rear
  • A2/A1/A0/ Out-of-standard sizes

1.3 Off-set and digital printing service

  • Letterheads
  • Chemical paper forms
  • Note pads
  • Color printed covers for annual reports
  • Brochures
  • Multi page presentations
  • Company forms
  • Paper /plastic folders - even personalized
  • Calendars and planners
  • House organs
  • Shoppers, and bags
  • Photographic boards, flags, banners for stands/trade fairs/events
  • Business cards

1.4 Complementary services

  • One or multiple metal staple binding
  • Notebook staple biding
  • Plastic and Metal Wir-O binding
  • Thermo binding
  • Binding strips
  • Paperback binding
  • Binding strips
  • Folding
  • Cropping
  • Graphic lay out and booklet assembly - machine or hand made
  • Soft binding: note pads (hand-operated service)
  • Soft binding: printed files (hand-operated service)
  • Plasticization up to A0 size - front/rear
  • Die cutting
  • Page or file numbering
  • Single or pack cellophane
  • Delivery, mailing

1.5 Graphic design services

  • Creation of rough and final lay outs
  • Final lay outs according to Client’s design
  • Image scanning and post production
  • Presentations
  • Tecnichal prints (eg. CAD) according to standards
  • Materials for conventions/exhibitions/trade fairs
  • Graphic layouts for annual reports/financial plans
  • Other graphic design related services

1.6 Photographic services

  • Picture processing and printing
  • VHS/DVD decoding

1.7 Digital data storage

  • Digitalization of pictures and slides
  • Picture rasterization
  • CD burning
  • Picture data base management
  • File management
  • File scanning
  • Database updating

1.8 Top quality digital printing services and poster printing

  • Large size printing for outdoor posters
  • Printing service on flexible and rigid media, also for outdoors
  • UV digital printing
  • Gadgets

1.9 Mailing service – in site and off site

  • In house mail delivery
  • Incoming/outgoing mail filing

2.0 File copy/printing service in outsourcing

  • Creation of client in house printing centers
  • File management in outsourcing
  • Rent and technical support

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