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Optimization of all production processes, Cost reduction: BCS is your partner for all your file management

From regular printing to photocopies, digital files, data storage, researching and much more. And most of all: one partner for all these services

Companies We know what you mean and we will take care of all the optimization process, guaranteeing: Simplification, Efficiency, Saving. We have been operating in the file management industry since 1966, creating in house service centers in our client’s companies. Thanks to our know how and professional experience, we are the ideal partners, for all your file related needs.

Facilities Management

File management and printing services: we cooperate with your company to create the best possible file and printing management system. Our solutions are based on a wide range of services, we can take care of the retrieval of all incoming and outgoing data, and the digitalization of all your files, creating also, if necessary e-business solutions.

Hardware management: we can take care of the maintenance of all you printing hardware, from digital copy machines stand alone or connected to each other. We can also handle all preventive maintenance, check-ups and back-up services.

Control and reporting system: we can provide a complete control and reporting system, from number of prints, copies and projects.

Benefits and advantages of the project

After our operation, these are the strategic benefits you can have:

Less expenses - process optimization, technological innovation, elimination of not necessary expenses, staff and the risk linked to the use of new technologies.

You concentrate on your core business - our clients can concentrate on their real business, leaving all the file and printing management to BCS. 

Pay per copy - our relationship with our clients is based on a fixed price list formula, that allows our clients to pay by number of prints, without any compromise or minimum monthly amount to be guaranteed. In this way printing expenses go in parallel with the actual amount of work.

Always state of the art technologies - we update our equipment to give you always the best service available, avoiding you the risk that’s always linked to using new equipment.

Always the best service available - we offer reprography, printing and in house service center. To help you operate at best, faster and with a better cost per value, improving the service for a more and more cost effective and efficient result. 

Certifications and eco-friendly policy

BCS is a certified company that provides only top quality and added value services, following a strict eco-friendly policy.
Our environmental commitment includes:

  • Less machineries around, less consumption for all
  • We use only reduced consumption equipment, and we recycle
  • Make eco-friendly agreements with our suppliers
  • We help our clients choose always the most eco-friendly solution to their printing/copy requirements, so even their company can be eco-friendly

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BCS - Borrello service Center is your partner in all your file management process, both on paper and digital. Printing services, optimization of the file-copy system, data storage systems, top quality technologies and know-how for Companies, Institutions, professionals, Universities and private people. Our printing centers are located in Milan, Rome and Fano, or we can deliver in 24 hours throughout Italy with iPlott, the first online printing service for all types of plotter and digital prints.

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